The standard finishes we offer are unfinished oak or maple, natural oak or maple, light brown oak, and black oak.

*Unfinished oak or maple ships out completely sanded and ready for your finish. I would suggest hand sanding the pieces after you recieve them with 180 or 220 grit paper to clean them after shipment and open the grain again for even stain color.

*Natural oak or maple is our clear satin lacquer top coat on on freshly sanded wood. I would describe the Natural Oak color as blonde, very light color with a very very light brown tone due to the tanin in the red oak we use. Our second lightest finish. The Natural Maple is white in appearance settling over time to a cream color. Our lightest finish.

*The Light Brown Oak color is a blend of Golden Oak and Standard Walnut we've been making for years. Originally blended for use in our wholesale line to complement the finishes other manufacturers were diplaying in the furniture stores we wholesaled to. Our Light Brown Oak is the darkest brown finish we offer as a standard selection.

*Black oak is our oak wood colored black, sanded, colored black again, sanded, and then clear satin top coated multiple times with polishing in between coats. Then we flip each piece over and repeat the process again on the unfinished side. It's a lot of hand work, but our black finish comes out great justifying all the effort. We use oak wood because the graining is so strong that it shows through the final finish. After doing all that work we want you to recieve a black cabinet that is clearly made of wood, not something so smooth and shiny black that the grain is buried.


If you need something special we can do any Minwax finish they offer. I have most of them listed below.


The stain colors below are digital reproductions from the makers of Minwax. They're a good starting point for your color selection. If exact color is important to you I suggest buying these stains locally and try them out. The underside of a drawer, a cabinet back, or the underside of a top on existing furniture you own might be places that are unfinished where you can color test your stain choices. We build in Red Oak and Midwestern Soft Maple if you want to direct test on specie samples. After the stain has been wiped and dried for 6 hours a top coat of polyurethane will very closely mimic the finish color we will be delivering to you.

If you want a solid color we can do any acrylic latex color top coated with our satin clear lacquer for good looks and long life.


Minwax oil-based stains 



watercan.pngMinwax water-based stainsstains1.jpgstains2.jpgstains3-2-.jpg