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CD DVD Swivel Towers

CD DVD swivel towers in oak or maple offered in a variety of finishes or unfinished.

We build them in three different heights to accomodate use and collection size. With a 17 inch square base the swivel cabinets are an efficient and fun way to store your media collection. The large wood base and all ball bearing swivel make tile floor and high pile carpets a non issue. The high quality American made bearing is rated a 1000 pounds and actually works better the more weight you put on it as you increase your collection.

The adjustable shelves are sized for horizontal DVD storage for easy title views. Vertical bookcase style storage of CD's, video games, and paperback books is fine too. We use 1/4 thick plywood for the shelves to maximize the interior space for your collection.

The 30 inch high swivel bookcase fits nicely as an end table, beside a passage way, or behind a sofa or under a window. You can add tempered glass doors in a light gray tint as a further style detail and to minimize dust on your collection. The tint is light enough to permit title viewing without opening the doors. Our finish topcoat is impervious so you're welcome to put anything on this low surface.

Our 60 inch high swivel rack will hold a considerable collection placing the majority of your titles at a comfortable viewing height. This media storage center is availble with 4 glass doors to enclose your collection. Glass doors are tempered with polished edges.

And finally we offer the 90 inch tall CD DVD swivel tower. This cabinet is sized to clear a standard ceiling as you stand it upright after building it. A superbly efficient way to store a large media library. The heavy swivel bearing working with the large wood base gives this cabinet great action. The cabinet is naturally self centering as you load it so there are no stability issues.

We hand build and hand fit your order and usually have your cabinet ready to ship within two weeks. Let us make some sawdust for you!

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