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Bookshelves with Glass Doors

Bookshelves, bookshelves with glass doors, wooden oak bookshelves and maple bookshelves. Glass bookshelves with tempered glass shelves can be had on request. 

Wooden bookcases for sale are adjustable bookcases with a generous 12 inch bookshelf depth.

Our oak bookshelves and maple bookshelves with glass doors feature full length tempered glass doors available in clear or gray tint glass. Black self closing hinges and handles arrive with every glass door bookcase order. Bookshelves 2 feet high to 6 feet high are available.

We build our bookshelves in California using American plywood with all edges finished in solid rounded oak or maple. The 1/4 inch thick backs receive a matching finish and provide the strength expected in a quality wooden bookshelf.

Standard finishes offered are clear satin on Oak and Maple, and unfinished, for those of you who want to finish a wooden bookshelf yourself.

We offer your choice of Minwax Wood Finish stain colors on our bookshelves.  This well established stain line has consistent colors with abundant pigment and rich resin in each can. A joy to work with. This stain formulation really highlights the natural summer and winter graining of our genuine hardwoods. We'll do a generous professional stain application for you. We can do custom colors in the Minwax Wood Finish palette. The oil finishes on oak yield our most beautiful wood tone shades. Remember that your request for a stain finish on maple will be lighter because the base wood is almost white after fresh sanding. The water based stains offer a wider selection of wood tones and a rainbow of colors. And speaking of color, any latex or enamel you've found is an option.  Just tell us what you want. Photos of the colors we've done are found in our Custom Work section.

All of our custom color work is topped with our robust satin urethane topcoat for long life and easy care of your wooden bookcases. Wooden oak and maple bookcases and unfinished bookshelves with freshly sanded bare wood receive multiple clear coats that are hand sanded between each coat. These clear coats are instantly UV light cured so there is no need for solvents in the finish. This is an EPA approved finish coupled with our formaldehyde free wood that gives you a cabinet with no outgassing.

Our bookshelves, bookshelves with glass doors, wooden oak bookshelves and maple bookshelves height from 2 feet high to 6 feet high with adjustable shelves and your choice of finishes gives you the ability to properly display any book library with panache. Let us do some good work for you today!