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Wooden TV Cabinets, Tables, & Component Stands

Audio cabinet 33 inch high triple compartment wide(65")

Wooden TV cabinets, wooden TV tables, and component stands are some of our most popular tv stand sizes. Perfect for a wide screen TV on top or wall mounted above. 

We offer various heights to make it perfect for setting a television on it for viewing. The shelves are large enough for large vintage components, and 3/4 inches thick, are strong enough for double or even triple component stacks. Solid steel support pins hold everything securely in place and never fail. 

For phonographs and top load components, we offer to slide out shelves on an all steel progressive telescoping ball bearing slide that can mount anywhere in the cabinet. Mobility is easy with six dual wheel casters that roll over any surface and is hidden behind the trim molding and tempered glass doors in clear or light gray on great self closing black hinges and door handles. Remotes will work with the glass doors closed on this tv stand.

Component stands are supplied with a pair of 1/4 plywood backs with two 2x7 inch slots across the top and bottom for power and speaker wires and cooling air circulation. There is interior space behind each back shelf edge and the cabinet back for internal cables to run.

Standard finishes offered are clear satin on Oak and Maple, and unfinished for those of you who want to finish a wooden tv component cabinet yourself.

We offer your choice of Minwax Wood Finish stain colors for wooden TV cabinets, tables and stands. This well established stain line has consistent colors with abundant pigment and rich resin in each can. A joy to work with. This stain formulation highlights the natural summer and winter graining of our genuine hardwoods. We'll do a generous professional stain application for you. We prefer to do an oil stain on oak but if the water based stain color palette appeals to you we'll work that out as well. Photos of the colors we've done are found in our Custom Work section.

We top coat our stains with a clear epoxy that only requires a damp wipe for care. Our stained or unfinished wooden TV cabinets, wooden TV table, and component stand with doors get several applications that are polished between each coat. There are no solvents used because each coat is flash dried with UV light. So the UV cure and formaldehyde free plywood yield a cabinet that will not outgas in your home. A complete process that has EPA approval.

Our wooden TV cabinets, wooden TV table, and component stands have the extensive capacity to display a full home entertainment system beautifully. With the various heights featured in the different models we offer, any collection of audio components can be accommodated.