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DVD Storage Cabinets

DVD storage cabinets, oak DVD cabinets, and DVD storage cabinets with doors available in clear or light gray tint tempered glass with polished edge. High quality black self closing hinges and strike handles complete your glass doors nicely. CD and DVD titles are viewed easily through closed glass doors. The glass is tempered for safety and the process adds an enormous amount of strength. We also have the glass door edge polished so it presents well and handles beautifully.

The adjustable shelves are supported with solid steel supports that never fail. Shelves can be placed anywhere in the cabinet. So a mix of CD, DVD, and boxed sets can all go in the same place!  More shelves can be added to your order if your collection needs it. The shelves are 3/4" plywood with a genuine natural Oak or Maple veneer edged with solid rounded wood so there is no shelf sag.

Standard finishes offered are clear satin on Oak and Maple, and unfinished, for those of you who want to finish something special yourself.

We offer your choice of Minwax Wood Finish stain colors. This well established stain line has consistent colors with abundant pigment and rich resin in each can. A joy to work with. This stain formulation really highlights the natural summer and winter graining of our hardwoods. We'll do a generous professional stain application for you. We prefer to do an oil stain on oak but if the water based stain color palette of DVD storage cabinets appeals to you we'll work that out as well. Photos of the colors we've done are found in our Custom Work section.

All of our custom color work is topped with our robust satin urethane topcoat for long life and easy care. Both our stained DVD storage cabinets, oak DVD cabinets and DVD storage cabinets with doors and unfinished freshly sanded bare wood receive multiple clear coats that are sand sanded between each coat. These clear coats are instantly UV light cured so there is no need for solvents in the finish. This is an EPA approved finish coupled with our formaldehyde free wood that gives you a cabinet with no outgassing.

The DVD storage cabinet is wall mountable either through the plywood back or by using steel angle brackets you can purchase at any hardware store.

It's stackable on a like unit for greater height or on the stereo cabinet or bookcase models we offer. The style and width are the same for all models so the combination looks good. We recommend two sided foam tape to stick with because it gives you the option of separating the two cabinets in the future unharmed with no screw holes in the top. Rubbing alcohol will clean the adhesive away without harming our finish.

Our DVD storage cabinet with glass doors is an attractive solution for displaying and storing video games, DVDs, CDs, paperback books, or small collectibles like china figurines or Hotwheel cars. We hand build our DVD storage cabinet with doors and oak DVD cabinets to be a truly handsome addition to your home.