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Decibel Designs in Oceano, California


Peter Bultman at Decibel Designs

I'm Peter Bultman, and I personally build, finish, pack, and ship every stereo cabinet, entertainment center, bookshelf, TV stand, swivel tower or custom cabinet sold here at Decibel Designs.

I offer everything on the website in oak or maple, but for custom cabinets have sources for any wood imaginable. And my skill with colors, stains and finishes is unmatched. After wholesaling for so long few people have the experience that my volume sales exposed me to.

It all began when a neighbors fence blew down when I was 9. I dug out all the posts and got a ride up into the Santa Cruz mountains where there were still redwood mills running to get fresh lumber. Tailing off on the resaw up there gave me a bath in wet sawdust and turpentine!

I've been making furniture since 1982, beginning with ponderosa pine tables and shelving that I sold at flea markets back in my youth. When Apple and IBM announced their PC's, I started wholesaling oak computer desks to furniture stores on the West Coast.  I switched to making and selling affordable, eco-friendly entertainment storage in 2000.  

Peter Bultman working outside Decibel Designs

I love what I do, and I think you'll see that reflected in my craftsmanship and customer service.  I work in a small factory I built myself in Oceano, California, not far from Pismo Beach. That's it up above. I planted the wildflowers too. What you can't see are the skylights that flood the interior with natural light. When the weather's nice, I sometimes bring my work outside. I make it a point to walk the nearby beach or dunes every day to relax and recharge--and of course for inspiration. As a work environment, it just doesn't get any better!   

Please call me anytime at 805 331-8506 or toll free 888 850-5589, but don't worry if I don't answer. Machinery noise often drowns out the sound of the phone, but I'm constantly checking for messages, so I'll call you back as soon as I can. You can also reach me by email at  If you'd like to stop by, the address is 2151 Nipomo Street in Oceano CA 93445. If it's daylight, I'm probably working. Visitors are always welcome.