Why Decibel Loves What We Do

Posted by Jenna Levy on 17th Nov 2016

Customer service has become a lost art. Passion has gone out the window. It's a sorry state of affairs for so many creatives out in the market right now. But when everyone's morale is sinking, Decibel would like to remind you of happier things. Like why we love what we do so much, and how our customers benefit from this.

The Decibel team's love for the craftsmanship of our furniture pieces started in 1982, when young Peter Bultman kicked things off by crafting ponderosa pine tables and shelving. Both types of creations would head straight to the flea markets of the 80s. This was right around the time that both Apple and PC begin marketing PC's (yes, yes, you can do the math and figure out how long we've been around...), and a whole new opportunity emerged. Now Peter could wholesale oak computer desks to furniture stores up and down the west coast. The demand was there, and then suddenly- so was the passion. 

It's an interesting feeling when you determine that there's a need for something that you do so naturally. All of a sudden, the sky was the limit. Bultman would identify gaps in the furniture market and then build the solution. To this day, that work occurs not far from the California beach, surrounded by self-planted wild flowers. There's natural light and a neighborhood cat. She-- Kitty-- plays nice the vast majority of the time. Not to mention she's a gopher menace! As you can see, there's really not much to complain about.

How does this benefit you as a customer? As mentioned in previous posts, we're dedicated to the work that we do and ensuring a premium experience for our customers. You will see the passion and the drive in every piece of furniture designed. You will feel our commitment and dedication in every facet of customer service and conversation.

Thank you for choosing Decibel Designs