Why Communication is Important at Decibel (Part 2 of Many)

Why Communication is Important at Decibel (Part 2 of Many)

Posted by Jenna Levy on 22nd Mar 2017

This ain't our first rodeo discussing customer service, and it probably won't be our last. That stance alone should probably show our valued customers how important communication is to us. 

Communication means different things to different people. To us, here at Decibel, it's all encompassing. It's the medium in which you would like to hear from us-- phone vs email vs twitter vs carrier pigeon vs in person. Look at all of those options! By the way, we'd recommend against the carrier pigeon method-- something about too many pigeons becoming sidetracked by the beautiful beach nearby...

Communication is the cadence in which you'd like to hear from us. Do you want regular updates about the status of your order? Or would you prefer to have your day totally made, with a stoop surprise? Either way is totally fine with us.

Finally, communication is closing that feedback loop. We always want to hear back from you about the quality of our work, and the speed at which we were able to deliver it to you. Remember when you were little and you would hang up the report cards littered with A's on your fridge? We never really grew out of that phase. The same is true for the report cards with more constructive feedback. In fact, these report cards tend to swing more center. When we have honest feedback staring us in the face, there is zero reason why we can't continue to improve and beat our best. 

So please feel free to reach out, at your convenience. We'd love to talk shop with you, we'd love to get to know you. And best of all, we'd love to help you pick out premium crafted furniture.