When Investing in Furniture Makes Sense

Posted by Jenna Levy on 18th Jan 2017

Budgeting. Personal finances. Are there words that are any more dreary and depressing? This might be the case if you've put a heavy negative emphasis on a couple of activities that can set you up for success. So how do we turn your frown upside down when figuring out your personal forecasting? We make sure that there's a line item in there for items like furniture from Decibel Designs.

It's important to really think about the items in your life for which an investment makes sense. Today, we make a case for furniture. When you properly invest in furniture for your home or business, then you're setting a precedent. You're presenting your personal brand, by sharing what interests you most. Lucky for you, the furniture available from Decibel Designs combines both form and function. So while products like our DVD cabinet can serve their purpose and house all of your favorite movies, they're also beautiful works of art. We stand behind our craft as our personal brand, and would love to share our works of art with you.

There are a couple of other factors to keep in mind, as you're trying to decide whether or not to invest:

  • Do you plan on living at your current residence for a while (at least one year)? If so, an investment makes more sense. If you're couch-hopping or following nomadic tendencies, then moving your furniture from abode to abode may be more cumbersome than frugal.
  • Do you know exactly what you want? You're going to be looking at this furniture every day. We hope that it has aesthetic properties which please the ol' eye balls, otherwise you may just end up annoyed.
  • Do you change your mind frequently? This kind of goes with the above bullet. Are you someone who follows the latest trends, no matter what they are? There is no shame in this game, but we'll do you a favor. Wait a while and do your homework. When you invest in a piece from Decibel Designs, we want you to be as proud as possible.