What to Get Loved Ones This Holiday Season- Part III

Posted by Jenna Levy on 21st Dec 2016

Part III of III folks! We hope these posts have jogged a little bit of inspiration if you've truly waited until the final hour. To be be clear, at this point, you may miss that December 25 deadline for delivery. But who wants to stop celebrating Christmas (or any holiday around this time of year... or actually just any holiday in general.. I digress!) the day after? The Brits have got it down in this department. They first developed and began to celebrate Boxing Day. Boxing Day is one of those holidays where you feel great about what you're doing, as the premise is to donate unwanted or un-needed gifts to those less fortunate, AND clean up all of the boxes that don't look quite as pretty when they're not covered in festive paper. Anyway, the long and the short of it is, take a gander at these gifts for inspiration and please reach out if you have a custom idea and would like to bring it to life.

Today, we're tackling one of the most challenging gifts. The gift for your mom or dad. They raised you, incurred expenses on your behalf, and you could potentially write a novel, with the items of tangible support that they have provided. So while the playing field may not be 100% level, you can skew the weights pretty heavily with one of these:

For Mom- The Narrow Stereo Cabinet with Glass Doors. It's sleek, it's classic, it's classy and really makes a room. The shelves are about 18" wide, plenty of room, regardless of what she'd like to display. While it's official name is Stereo Cabinet, the sky is the limit when it comes to creativity in this department. Heck, she may just want to display pictures of you in it, for being the best holiday gift giver ever!

For Dad- The Wooden Flat TV Component Stand could definitely be the way to go. Durable is the name of the game, with this piece, and it could surely be the base for almost any monitor or television that you can find. It too, has ample amounts of storage-- for DVD's, for CD's, for whatever items you please. It's available in a multitude of finishes, and might just be exactly what he's looking for, for that man cave.

Decibel Designs thanks you for checking out our blog today and for exploring the site. We wish you the happiest of holiday!