Trust Online Orders with Decibel

Posted by Jenna Levy on 13th Oct 2016

We live in a technological age, no bones about it. Every day there are new toys to play with, new processes to learn, simplified gadgets which actually end up being more complicated to navigate. This creates a lot of awesome opportunities, as well as many challenges for consumers and business owners to navigate. 

Here at Decibel Designs, we like to assume the best in everyone, but our number one priority is providing the best furniture and the best experience for our customers. This means taking every pre-caution with our e-commerce to ensure that your purchase is handled safely and effectively. You can check out the details on our Privacy and Security page, but the upshot is- we care about your security, and we care about your privacy. 

A lot of prospective customers ask how we handle our online transactions. We always use PayPal. With PayPal, we are able to provide a secure payment portal. This means that no one on the Decibel Designs team has access to any card information, we don't save any of the card data in our systems. the only information that we hold on to, is your order data. This is in case you look to expand your Decibel collection in the coming years. 

A couple of benefits that PayPal provides us:

  • Your information is kept safe and secure through Secure Socket Layer technology
  • Information shared with us is automatically encrypted. This software ensures that your browser is secure.
  • PayPal has extensive experience handling fraudulent activity.They use this experience to beef up their security protocols.

Hopefully this makes you feel as comfortable as possible navigating our site. Questions? Give us a shout. The Decibel team would love to hear from you.