Sustainability at Decibel Designs

Posted by Jenna Levy on 28th Oct 2016

Sustainability is extremely important to the team at Decibel Designs. It's a hot topic right now, but there's still a lot of confusion about what it means for a company or product. Just because you see sustainable on a label or a Website banner, doesn't mean you shouldn't feel comfortable asking some questions. Transparency is another key word for the folks at Decibel, so here are some questions that we'd recommend keeping in mind when you're making your purchasing decisions:

  • Would you call your products sustainable? Many companies will answer yes, right off the bat. It's up to you to sleuth sooner and make sure that their business decisions align with your personal values.
  • Where are your products made? Our answer- right here in the US of A, in Oceano, California. We also partner with American varnish and shine companies. This isn't always the case for furniture craftsman, but we find great pride in building our furniture onsite at our facility.
  • What kind of environmentally friendly processes do you follow? This is one that we're happy to chat at length about. Feel free to give us a shout. We have nothing but optimism for the future of this country, but believe that we are each responsible for minimizing our carbon footprint so that our DVD cabinets aren't the only thing being passed down to future generations.

We're just barely scratching the surface on a very important topic. Feel free to reach out to anyone on our team to continue this conversation