Making the Most of Your Entertainment Space

Posted by Jenna Levy on 19th Oct 2016

We're big fans of entertainment around here. We're big fans of working a long day in the shop, returning home to kick off our shoes and relax in front of our entertainment systems. After all, the art of relaxing AND the art of being entertained are both drivers of the designs of some of our favorite pieces. In fact, most of our inventory is rooted in the belief that your home should have premium pieces with which to store your favorite movies and music.

In this spirt, here are five tips we'd like to share, in order for you to truly enjoy your entertainment space:

  1. Stay away from large windows or ample natural lighting. While both of these things offer major curb appeal to your home or business, and are good for a stressed out mind, they'll only cause you additional stress when you're trying to watch your favorite movie. If you can't get away from the windows, make sure that you place your television or projection screen in an area where it won't receive a lot of glare.
  2. Pick out some comfortable furniture. As aforementioned, lounging is an art. How are you going to look forward to utilizing your entertainment area, if there isn't at least one cushy couch to flop on after a particularly hard day? 
  3. Allow easy accessibility to the kitchen and/or eating areas. Isn't the true definition of "vegging out" a combination of glazed over consumption of media, and consumption of delicious food and beverage? Set yourself up for success with minimal commute from the food preparation area to the couch.
  4. Flank your television or projection screen with DVD Storage Cabinets and CD DVD Swivel Towers (subliminal messaging). You'll be hard pressed to find a better variety at such low price points. All of these items are available in a range of colors and finishes, something to fit the look of everybody's entertainment area.

While this is all tongue-in-cheek advice, we really do appreciate contributing to a beautiful and relaxing area in your home, for you to relax in after a long, hard day.