Ingredients for the Perfect Lazy Afternoon

Posted by Jenna Levy on 22nd Feb 2017

As noted in last week's post, a recent goal for Decibel Designs and this blog in particular, is to share the bigger picture- why it makes sense to choose our products. In our last post, and in many looking forwards, we will strive to share the holistic information around the activities in which you will obviously excel, when you have the right Decibel Designs furniture on-hand.

What better activity to excel at, than the lazy afternoon? The lazy afternoon is a formidable beast, isn't it? It's elusive, it slips away far too quickly, and there are never enough of it. Well, Decibel Designs has decided that this has gone on long enough! Moving forwards, we challenge our customers to have as many lazy afternoons as possible, so that you can curl up next to your 27" Entertainment Center and Stereo Cabinet or your 61" High Audio Rack. 

We won't try to overwhelm you (totally against the ethos of the lazy afternoon). Just try to make sure that you're incorporating the following ingredients for success:

  • The fluffiest blanket possible
  • An oversized couch
  • Snacks with little to no health-value (to each their own, on this one)
  • Whatever movies, television shows, books, or music you've been meaning to ingest for a while

Think you can tackle it? We thought so. Hope that everyone has a great week!