Did You Know That Furniture Can be Affordable?

Did You Know That Furniture Can be Affordable?

Posted by Jenna Levy on 28th Sep 2016

We have quite a shocker in the title today. It's a shocker to us that our customers even think that it's a shocker! But for how many different beautiful types of architecture and design there are out in the world, our society still believes that in order for something to be beautiful- it needs to cost a ton of money!

Decibel Designs would like to dispel that rumor, starting right now. We've built our ethos on the understanding that our customers are our greatest asset, and that our goal at the end of the day, is just to share our craft with you. This means that we talk through your needs and figure out the best solution. All of our off-the-shelf options on the Website are priced to incorporate the premium, sustainable, raw materials that we use, and the valued labor of our staff. That's it.

There are no overhead costs tacked on to our bookshelves and storage cabinets. We're not pulling these numbers out of a hat. They're the result of many hours of thoughtful research and discussion. Because to us, it's priceless when you have a Decibel Designs piece in your home.

Maybe you're not quite finding what you're looking for, on the site. Maybe you're looking for some slight adjustments, or an entirely different look and feel altogether. We can help! We'll focus in a future post about how our custom furniture process works, but for now we'll just let you know, it's possible! After all, you can't spell customer without custom. 

Jokes aside, we invite you to peruse the inventory on the Decibel Designs site. Then reach out to us with any questions. We're excited to hear from you!