Second Guessing Your Order? We've Got Your Back

Posted by Jenna Levy on 2nd Nov 2016

Buyer's remorse is a very real thing. And it doesn't always have to be a bad thing. Sometimes you head to the store with a vision in mind. You know the specifics of what you want to buy and have for a … read more

Sustainability at Decibel Designs

Posted by Jenna Levy on 28th Oct 2016

Sustainability is extremely important to the team at Decibel Designs. It's a hot topic right now, but there's still a lot of confusion about what it means for a company or product. Just because y … read more

Making the Most of Your Entertainment Space

Posted by Jenna Levy on 19th Oct 2016

We're big fans of entertainment around here. We're big fans of working a long day in the shop, returning home to kick off our shoes and relax in front of our entertainment systems. After all, the … read more

Trust Online Orders with Decibel

Posted by Jenna Levy on 13th Oct 2016

We live in a technological age, no bones about it. Every day there are new toys to play with, new processes to learn, simplified gadgets which actually end up being more complicated to navigate. … read more
Creating Custom with Decibel

Creating Custom with Decibel

Posted by Jenna Levy on 5th Oct 2016

We're a little bit biased about your furniture. We put a certain level of skill and effort, as well as tender love and care into each piece. We believe that the furniture in your home should help to t … read more